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Hollywood Writers’ Series – Part 5 with Trey Callaway


Let me introduce you to my friend Trey Callaway. Trey is an immensely talented film and television writer who is currently a producer/writer for CSI: New York. He’s probably best know for writing the screenplay for I Still Know What you Did Last Summer. In addition to his work as a writer, Trey is also a professor at USC, where he teaches writing students how to perfect their craft and work in the entertainment industry.

I got to know Trey during the writers’ strike of 2007-08. He and another writer friend were co-hosts of United Hollywood Live, an online radio show that just happened to take callers. I became a bit of a regular, and the friendship lived beyond the show and the strike.

Trey is tremendously generous. In 2009 when I was speaking near Hollywood, I met him in person for breakfast. The conversation was inspiring. He answered every one of my silly questions. And amazingly enough, he’s agreed to let me ask a few more. I thought learning a bit about his process might help those of us who work in collaborative environments. I hope you agree.

1. What does your process look like when writing a new episode for CSI:NY, or any television show for that matter? Do you draw on your own life? Do you look at what’s happening in the news? How do you begin to make a blank screen into a story?
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The Midnight Oil Education Library


Get all of our educational and training resources for one low, discounted bundle price!

With our library of educational resources expanding, we’ve decided to bundle them all together into one discounted resource. The new Midnight Oil Education Library includes all of our best theoretical and practical material for making you the best creative worship image maker you can be. Here is a list of what is available:

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New Resource: Worship Conference on DVD


Ready to experience powerful, creative, missional worship?

We’re excited to announce a new training DVD that will help you do all those things and more.

Prodigal Worship was created to equip pastors and laity with tools to design, develop and deliver high impact celebratory worship that connects God to people’s everyday lives.

The DVD (recorded April 13, 2010 at Trinity UMC in Fredrick, Maryland) features keynote addresses from Rev. Mike Slaughter, author of Change the World and Chief Dreamer of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church, Len Wilson and Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions, and Rev. Olu Brown of Impact Church.

Be inspired, learn practical approaches to worship design and implementation and experience real worship as the keynote speakers share the latest thinking in powerful, moving worship.

The 2-DVD set is just $30! Order yours today.



New Seminar Dates Announced for 2010


Make worship better in 2010!

Corral your worship team and bring them to a Midnight Oil seminar this spring. Get inspired. Learn how to make your worship services more creative. Give your congregation an experience of God through better use of art, image, team and technology.

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Get a Christmas Resource for Free!


With the current economic climate we’re all facing, everyone can use a freebie. Well this year, you can get a free Christmas or Easter campaign (normally worth $75 – one per church) when you register for our Lima, Ohio Creative Worship event. Best part of all is that the registration is less than the price of a Christmas campaign.

For only $49, you can attend our full day-long seminar, picking up new ideas on how to make worship more creative and meaningful, while resourcing your church for one of the greatest outreach opportunities of the year.

And if you register by November 1st, you can save another $5, bringing the total to only $44.

Learn more about the event here.


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