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20 Rockin’ Block Fonts


While other types of fonts such as grunge and script fonts seem to get all the glory, block fonts are as important if not more to graphic design. Blocky doesn’t have to mean boring, though you have to choose wisely when using them. Here are 20 of the best block fonts on my system:

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20 Great Grunge Fonts


There are few styles of fonts as fun as grunge fonts. I’ve collected a lot of them over the years. When used appropriately (and somewhat sparingly), they can really take a design to the next level.

Here are 20 fonts of the best on my system:


1. 321 Impact  Cost: Free  http://www.dafont.com/
Tired of the old standard system font Impact? This font takes it to the broken grungy place.

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20 Awesome Script Fonts


In the 12 years or so that I’ve been a graphic designer, I’ve always found it somewhat challenging to find really great script fonts. There are an abundance of techno fonts, grunge fonts, and straight forward block fonts out there, but (at least for me) good script fonts are hard to come by.

Here are 20 of the best I have on my system:

Almond Script

1. Almond Script Cost: Free www.fontpark.net
This font has a familiarity that I can’t quite describe. I’m sure I’ve seen it used before. I love the casual handwritten feel.


2. Angelica Script Cost: Free www.fontpark.net
While still somewhat classy, this font has a nice quirky feel with its curly ends and flourishes. Nice for somewhat lighthearted designs.


3. At Fleming Script Cost:Free www.fontpark.net
When I think of a script font this is usually what I picture–something that looks like it would have been produced with a french curve (anyone remember those?) back when fonts were hand-created. There are wedding invitation books filled with nearly identical cousins to this font. Great to have when you need that look. Read the rest of this entry »