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Sermon Series Idea: Questions for God

 width=In addition to my work at Midnight Oil, I serve as Creative Director at my church, Trietsch. I periodically post descriptions of sermon series, in case any of our creative ideas provide material for your own planning.

At Trietsch, we just finished a five-week sermon series called Questions for God. For two months prior to the start of the series, we offered people the opportunity to submit their thorniest theological question: If you had the opportunity to sit down with God, what question would you ask?

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The Awesome and Amazing Power of the Mission Moment

The Kids Eat Free program at my church, Trietsch, serves around 120 kids every weekday of the summer months. Most days these kids would otherwise go hungry until after their parents get home late. What is more amazing about this video? The story of serving underprivileged kids lunches during the summer months? Or the fact that the young man leading the ministry is sixteen years old?

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A Metaphor for Leadership

A metaphor for leadershipThe other day my Dad, a retired Lt Colonel, shared a wonderful metaphor with me: the bugle.

The humble bugle was once an instrument of life and death. Before the modern era, troops in battle had difficulty receiving orders from their officers. The bugle call, clear and long across the battlefield, told soldiers what their leaders wanted them to do. If the bugle’s sound was unclear, muffled, or incorrect, soldiers were left without direction. Victory depended on an officer’s clarity of vision, strength of organization, and ability to communicate that vision with skill to those under his command.

Regardless of the context, the bugle can teach us essential characteristics of leadership: to have a clear vision, to inspire others to follow it, to facilitate their talents and gifts in building effective systems around the vision, and to constantly model the vision with skill and grace. In other words, to know how to blow.


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New Sources for Inspiration, Part 2: 5 More Sites to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

A couple of months ago Jason highlighted some sites that he turns to for new ideas and creative energy. In case you missed it, here it is. As we discuss in our book Design Matters, references are both a powerful tool and a vital part of the design process. A designer can never have enough cool sites for new ideas and references.

With that in mind, here are some more great sites, full of incredible examples of effectively communicating concepts through visual images, still and moving..

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Ash Wednesday Worship Ideas


Ash Wednesday is quickly becoming one of the most popular mid-week services of the year. Churches with both evangelical and mainline roots are discovering the service as a great way to enter into the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross, culminating on Easter. Here are some notes and creative suggestions for doing an Ash Wednesday service.

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