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Here are answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, let us know. For more in depth discussion, look at our reading section.

About Midnight Oil

Does it cost anything for me to register on your site?

Nope! It’s absolutely free, and for doing so, you’ll get monthly freebies. Further, we don’t sell, exchange, or share your information with anyone. It is only used to help keep the ministry of Midnight Oil viable. In other words, we may contact you by email or occsasionally by snail mail with news and information.

Can you train me on how to use media and screens in worship?

We sure can. Check out our seminar schedule, and if we’re not in your area, you can host, or pick up the seminar on DVD.

Do you do custom work?

Very rarely, but ask us and we might be able to help you out.

Will you be my friend?

Probably. We’re on Facebook as Jason Moore and Len Wilson (respectively).

Do you twitter?

Yep. You can find us at www.twitter.com/midnightoilprod.

Where does the name Midnight Oil come from?

There are three answers really. The first is that we work a lot of late hours burning the “midnight oil”, especially when we’re on a deadline. (Although maybe a little less now that we’re older and have kids.) The second is that we love the light in darkness connotations, which fit with our desire to use the language of the culture to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The third is that when we came up with our name, we were studying the story of the 10 bridesmaids (Matthew 25:1-30). In the parable, ten bridesmaids are waiting in anticipation of the bridegroom. Five are foolish, and five are wise. The wise ones take extra oil for their lamps, and the foolish do not. At midnight when the bridegroom is approaching, all of the bridesmaids trim their lamps, but the foolish ones don’t have enough oil to keep their lamps lit. The foolish bridesmaids then leave to buy oil, and while they’re away the bridegroom arrives. He takes in the 5 wise bridesmaids to the wedding banquet, and when the foolish ones arrive they find the door locked. They plead, “Master, we’re here. Let us in.” He answers them by saying “Do I know you? I don’t think I know you.” “So stay alert. You have no idea when he might arrive.”

As Midnight Oil, we’re committed to keeping the lamps lit in preparation for the master’s return.

Midnight Oil Resources

How do I find a theme/illustration for a certain scripture or topic for my sermon?

Our advanced search function now allows both site-wide and store-specific searching. Just select whether you want to search our site for creative worship ideas or our store for products, then type in your keywords and go. Available at the top of every page on the site.

Does Midnight Oil material work well for sermon series planning?

Absolutely. Many people take a particular theme/metaphor and develop an entire series around it. For example, look at our Rediscover Christmas resource and see what one pastor did to make that a four week series.

Do you just have templates and backgrounds for worship?

Backgrounds and templates are a vital part of the visual components of every worship service. Our preference is to pick images that convey specific meanings, for example media that correlates to the message/ sermon for the day. We avoid what we like to call the “Holy Blob of Color” and the “Holy Flower Garden” effects, and what some have called “random hodge-podge”. Instead, we create backgrounds, loops, and variations for every one of our themes, in both still and moving versions, so that you can create one consistent visual look throughout worship – and better yet, one that matches the¬?big idea being conveyed in the message.

Can you customize Midnight Oil media?

All Midnight Oil Stills come with Adobe Photoshop layered files (PSD), which may be opened and edited within most major image manipulation programs such as Adobe Photohsop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, GIMP, PhotoPaint, and more. Some of the resources have extensive layering and contain elements which may be repurposed into your own original creations. We want to make you look good!

What if I don’t know Photoshop, can I still use your resources?

Sure can. All of our graphics contain flattened versions that will work in PowerPoint and all of the¬?worship presentation software packages. And if you want some free Photoshop training, visit our training¬?section. For an even more in depth look, check out our book Design Matters.

What is your best resource if I’m just getting started?

You may try a matching set of resources from the library, such as Spark, Flame, Loops and Countdowns Volume 1. You might look into our books such as The Wired Church 2, Design Matters, and others. Most of all, you might consider the Creative Worship Seminar on DVD to give you a better handle on how to make powerful and meaningful worship with visual media.

Do you offer worship presentations programs such as Media Shout, Easy Worship, Song Show Plus¬?and Pro Presenter?

You betcha. And when you buy from us, you’ll get up to $200 in free media to use with your new¬?program.