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Our Annual Library sale is On!

Well, our annual Insane Library Sale sale is set to end today. If you like to wait until the last minute, well, this is it. This is the best deal of the year here at Midnight Oil, and is a chance to stock up on one of the most comprehensive libraries in the world of media ministry resources. You’ll get almost $1900 of stuff for just $199. The offer includes 14 disks worth of material (Our general Media library, and our two newest Christmas and Easter Resources).

So today is set to be it, but… since we had almost a week were things were a little wonky with our store, we’re going to extend it until Tuesday (the day after the US holiday). So all of you procrastinators, (you know who you are) can wait just a few more days for the last minute.

Also, we’ve added a new freebie to our site just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Get our Memorial Day graphic from Announce It Volume 2 at no cost by logging in here.

Thanks for you continued support!
Midnight Oil


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