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EasyWorship 2009 Now Available!

EasyWorship 2009 is now available!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the long awaited EasyWorship 2009!

Just when you thought worship presentation tools couldn’t get any more complete, EasyWorship comes around with their biggest feature release to date. This major upgrade includes custom video support for the stage, Video Jockey mode, full web and audio integration (full screen YouTube videos!), and more.

Read on for some incredible upgrade offers, including one you won’t get anywhere else!

Exclusive at Midnight Oil: PURCHASE OR UPGRADE NOW and get the midnight oil software media bundle for free – worth over $200!

Also for a limited time, from the makers of EasyWorship: Receive a $200 competitive rebate for customers using another platform for worship presentation when you purchase a full version of EasyWorship 2009!

Current EasyWorship users, get a $25 credit from the integrated EasyWorship Store within version 2009 when you upgrade. Also, if you purchased EasyWorship2007 after January 1, 2009, you’re eligible for a free upgrade. Go here to login to EasyWorship’s website and learn if you qualify (but make sure you return to Midnight Oil to get the free media with purchase).


  • Custom stage support: Show your worship leadership previews of upcoming items, private alerts, and a clock.
  • VJ Mode: Planned spontaneity! View your media assets and fade between backgrounds on the fly during songs, scripture, and more.
  • Web Integration: Use the web as a worship tool. Play YouTube fullscreen, schedule URLs, view sites, and purchase media through EasyWorship’s integrated media store.
  • Audio Integration: Import and organize audio for playback, or assign a single audio file to multiple slides.
  • Updated User Interface: Enjoy a streamlined and improved experience for every aspect of worship.

This is in addition to all the incredible features EasyWorship already provides, including the robust text editor, full PowerPoint integration, standard site licensing, SongSelect lyric integration, DVD editor, and more.

RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (for optimal performance):

  • Windows-compatible
  • 2.8GHz Intel dual core / quad core processor, or better
  • 1GB RAM (XP), 2GB RAM (Vista)
  • NVIDIA G-Force 8600 video card, or better
  • 7200RPM hard drive with 500MB+ free space

For more technical info, click here. For more info on features, click here. For a free trial version, click here.


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