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Thinking about what to do about Mother’s Day this weekend in worship?

Mother’s Day can be a challenge for worship design. Statistics show it is the third-highest attended Sunday of the year, after Christmas and Easter. Yet, while mothers are often live great examples of Christ-centered lives, it is not a day specifically about the Church. Some churches put a heavy emphasis on the day, others give it a nod of acknowledgement, and still others don’t say anything about it at all in worship.

Here’s some ideas on what to do about it in worship:

Mary the Mother of Jesus provides a great example of sacrificial love in the Bible. Her world-changing “yes” to the angel Gabriel showed both an acknowledgment of God’s¬?love and a willingness to sacrifice herself to bear that love through her son, Jesus. Even though it’s not Christmas time, it’s a good story for celebrating the loving and sacrificial role of mothers. (Luke 1:26-38)

Other famous texts for motherhood come from Proverbs 31:10-31, where Solomon’s soliloquy provides an eloquent way to honor the character of a godly woman, and Jesus’ metaphor of a mother hen in Luke 13:31-35, who both protects and guides her chicks through danger and the temptation to flee from fear. In the latter, Jesus uses the strength of a mother to give us both the comfort of coverage and inspiration to follow him in spite of looming threats.

For churches that are giving the day a special emphasis in worship, there are many ways to honor mothers, including:

  1. In recognition of their important role, ask mothers to stand so that the congregation may pay tribute to them with applause.
  2. Invite members of your congregation to come forward to share what their mothers mean to them.
  3. Have children in Sunday school draw pictures honoring their mothers.
  4. Hand out flowers to all mothers.
  5. If possible, find a multigeneration family within the congregation and create a video vignette focusing on the role of mother’s in family. Interview mothers, children and grandmothers asking questions that explore their relationships.

At Len’s church, Trietsch, they are using motherhood as a sermon illustration. With a thematic emphasis on failure and the need for God’s grace, they are going to interview a well-known Mom in the congregation and allow her to talk about the pressure to be “SuperMom” and the guilt of not being able to do anything to its fullest extent. Motherhood’s challenges and impossibilities provide a great opportunity to talk about God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

If you have need, download our Mother’s Day bundle of worship loops and images. Whether you choose our media or some from another source, we hope you have a great weekend and the moms in your congregation feel honored.


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  1. Chet said,

    Wrote on May 4, 2010 @ 8:14 am

    If we purchase the Mother’s Say Bundle are we permitted to use one of the backgrounds on our website?

  2. sueogden said,

    Wrote on May 4, 2010 @ 9:03 am

    I can tell you from personal experience, that for any woman in a congregation that is struggling to get pregnant, or dealing with infertility, your first suggestion: “1.In recognition of their important role, ask mothers to stand so that the congregation may pay tribute to them with applause”, is a very bad idea. It means well, and I’ve even seen pastors try to make it better by eventually having all women stand up, but it cuts to the bone. Some of my worst moments in church, and my angriest words to God, were on mother’s day.

  3. The MO Guys said,

    Wrote on May 6, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

    yes we grant permission on a case by case basis. Send us your stuff and we’ll let you know!

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